Hi! I'm finally updating my old website (June 2017)! It was still using Tables and other ancient HTML.

My career goal is to obtain a junior-level Graphic Design position. In 2001-06 I worked in web marketing/design and freelanced a bit, too. I had a great job at the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin, but my position was cut in late 2003. Even though the termination was because of budget constraints and wasn't related to my job performance in any way, it was a huge setback for me personally.

I pursued a new track in my life which allowed me to focus on furthering my art education and drawing skills.

One highlight from that period was that I designed and created a poster (pencil, pen, colored pencil) for a fundraiser and helped raise $125 when someone bought it at an auction. It was for Rosetta Tharpe's memorial. Here's a story about it (NPR article). Here's another.